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We Provide State of the Art
Volume Verification & Calibration Kits

Good Liquid Handling -GLH™ Calibration and Volume Verification Kits
deliver high quality preventative maintenance, calibration, & volume
verification (VnV) testing of automated pipetting systems. Reduces cost,
processing time, and complexity by 30-50% & 10-15% on instrument
service contracts.

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96 Well Microtitter Volumetric NIST Traceable Precision + Accuracy Testing & Calibration
384 Well Microtitter Volumetric NIST Traceable Precision + Accuracy Testing, & Calibration in Various Diluents

About Us

We efficiently and effectively alleviated all the issues associated with automated pipetting, and provided users standardized and reliable solutions by experts that have been teaching Good Pipetting™ and Good Liquid Handling™ for well over 20 years.

Our products, services, and training help you produce proven scientific and statistically significant results with Good Pipetting™ and Good Liquid Handling™ practices.

Automation Trainer LLC has a management team of thought leaders that have over 20 years of experience working along side users and vendors to create Good Liquid Handling™ medically manufactured kits to address quality control (QC) and performance of automated pipetting systems that enable users to produce good tracked results quickly, repeatedly, and reproducibly.

Good Liquid Handling™(GLH) kits provide users with liquid classes, methods, and recommendations for automated pipetting. The GLH™ QC kit, helps achieve high performing results. GLH Tracker™ helps you track your settings and statistical results online and gain consultation from its thought leaders and experts of the trade. Good Liquid Handling is based on 20 years of hands on instructions through the workshops "Good Liquid Handling Bootcamp" and development of Good Liquid Handling Practices from industry thought leaders like Petar Stojadinovic and Douglas Gurevitch with

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